Here at Air Tech Mechanical in West Palm Beach, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service and our innovative repairs and service work. When it comes to duct sealing, it’s no different. If you have noticed that the heating and cooling system in your home or light commercial business is running more often than usual, or if you have noticed that your energy costs are skyrocketing, you probably have a duct leak. Unexplained musty smells and rooms that are really difficult to heat and cool are signs of a leak as well.

Duct Sealing from Air Tech Mechanical

It’s a sad fact that many homes in the West Palm Beach area lose up to 30 percent of their cooled and heated air to leaks in their ductwork. Fortunately for the residents of the West Palm Beach area, the professional duct sealing specialists at Air Tech Mechanical know exactly how to correct any problems that you may have with your ductwork. Our state-of-the-art duct sealing technology is able to pinpoint and diagnose problems so that we can treat them from the inside out. Our duct sealing team can treat any ductwork system to make sure that there is an airtight seal throughout the entire system.

We’ll Make Sure Your Ducts are Sealed

Trust the experts at Air Tech Mechanical when it comes to duct sealing and repair work anywhere in West Palm Beach. You can schedule a diagnostic test or a free estimate today to get started.

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