Many people think they know how to save money when heating their homes. They will shut off the furnace while gone and turn it up to full blast as soon as they walk in the door. However, this isn’t exactly how you should try to save money. By doing this, you are creating extreme temperature differences. These differences cause the furnace to work harder than it needs to. Instead, try setting the thermostat just a few degrees off. This keeps the temperature down during the night and while you are at work. This, for most people, is the majority of the time. This will allow the furnace to run at a very even temperature. This will reduce your energy usage and save on energy costs. Furthermore, this will also reduce the wear and tear on your unit.

You Can Save Energy By Switching to Portable Heaters

This is both a fact and a myth. You can save money by only using a portable heater if you are only utilizing and heating, say, one room of the home. However, you will need to turn down the temperature of the central heating system to no lower than 55°. This will keep the pipes from freezing if it is freezing temperatures outside. However, adding electric heaters to your home in various places and keeping the central heating system going will not save you money. It will only add to your heating bill.

Where You Place Your Thermostat Doesn’t Matter

This is a myth that many people tend to believe. However, it would be best if you considered your thermostat as your system’s thermometer. You don’t want to place it near an outside door or window where you have temperature fluctuations often. The thermostat must be placed in a central location. It should be placed out of the way of drafts and direct sunlight. This will ensure that there aren’t false readings that cause your furnace to shut off due to the sun being out, making other rooms in the home cold.

Your System Doesn’t Need Regular Maintenance

Furnaces will last for many years if properly cared for. This means that it is important to change out the filter as needed and schedule a routine maintenance check about once a year, at least. Ideally, it would be best to have your systems checked when it changes seasons so that the AC system can be checked before being turned on after a long winter. The same goes for the furnace. These are mechanical systems that have several moving parts.

Furthermore, if the systems have been sitting, rodents and pests could have moved in. Don’t let your routine maintenance go. This could save you a lot of money, as small problems are caught early before they become big problems.

High-End Fancy Filters Are Better

While this might be the case for some systems, for most, it will restrict the airflow and cause the furnace to work harder. Basic filters are designed to protect your furnace and clean the air. However, those big fancy HEPA filters are made to protect you, right? Not exactly. Sure, they have a lot of claims, but in reality, they aren’t much better than the basic filter. In most cases, they can strain your system and cause your energy consumption to go up.

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